Our mission has always been to bring casual and fashion in the world of promotional and professional clothing at competitive prices.
When JRC brand was born in 2002, professional clothing simply did not exist, because only the “work” one was commercialized. This definition meant a standard navy blue clothing, composed of a few elements (parka, pilot, padded multipocket waistcoat, overalls and trousers in mass ...). These garments were characterized by a simple style, a low quality and a too abundant fitting that made users “clumsy”, making them to
wore exclusively at the workplace.
Our commitment has been to transform workwear into professional clothing, on the one hand ensuring greater comfort to the user thanks to the use of technical fabrics and functional details (stretch fabrics, pockets and tool loops ...), on the other hand improving the aesthetics of the models (expanding the color range and giving them a better wearability) to make them more si-milar to the casual ones and therefore wearable with pride even outside the narrow working environment.
Clothing for promotional use was already present on the market, but it consisted of supplying occasionally from casual brands that lent themselves to spot operations, or that gave their brand a license in the promotional to licensees from which they received a royalty.
For this reason the prices were high and they did not correspond to adequate manufacturing qua-lity. The customer paid the brand to the detriment of the quality of the product, leaving the recipient of the promotion unsatisfied.
The intuition of our company has been to create articles that have the same quality as fashion garments, but eliminating the brand additional charge. In this way the customer paid only the real value of the garment.
This reasoning was immediately followed by other competitors and today’s challenge is to guarantee the quality of the product, despite the levelling down of sales prices, in a market whe¬re importers of all nationalities are present. This is why we are always committed to the creation of articles in which our “Italian style” transpires: the research for details or the superior technical characteristic, as well as the attention to wearability, are elements that make us prefer from the market (for the same price).
In this sense we can say that for each collection we think that we have further contributed to the success of our mission: to bring style, taste and quality of fashion in promotional and professional clothing at absolutely competitive prices.