James Ross is the name of the southernmost island reached by sea, just a few kilometers from the Antarctica. Its name was given in honour of the English commander James Clark Ross, who discovered the island in 1841 after sailing for the first time in what would be called the Ross Sea (a deep bay half-covered by perennial ice).
The fearless determination with which the commander James Ross has faced the adventure in the southern hemisphere has inspired our company to realize its mission: bring casual and fashion in the world of promotional clothing at competitive prices.
However, an important word is added to the completion of our logo: Collection. This term expresses a fundamental concept: the individual articles, although belonging to different typologies, are designed in a unitary perspective, to form a homogeneous and recognizable collection.
James Ross Collection: expresses the international vocation to become a leader in promotional clothing.

Our colours
The colors express our corporate values: white indicates clarity and correctness, black awareness and determination.
The absence of chromatic shades in the logo shows our clarity in business relationships and the determination to achieve the planned objectives.
However, the balanced use of black and white colors wants to visually express the elegance of the products of our collection.