Known today on the market as a leading com¬pany in the promotional and professional clothing sector, Sei due sei was founded in Piacenza (60 km south of Milan) in 1998, with a share capital of only 2 million lire. It is born more from the desire of two young friends to realize a common activity than from a precise entrepreneurial project.
In 2002, thanks to the passion for design and the desire to create its own line, the first James Ross clothing collection was produced, consisting of only 12 articles.
In 2003 there was for the first time the exhibition at the PTE of Milan, obtaining a positive feedback due to the excellent quality/price ratio of his articles.
In 2004 it began to expand thanks to the arrival of multi-firm agents that spread the JRC product throughout the national territory and in 2010 began to sell in the European market.
The company policy has always been made of small steps, with the goal of constant and sustainable growth (both financial and logistical), to ensure customers both the availability of goods and a quick order fulfilment.
This policy has proved successful, increasing constantly and correlatively: the items in the collection, the availability in stock, sales and the number of customers.
To date, the company has:
a collection of promotional clothing with more than 300 articles and 1200 color references;
three lines of professional clothing able to cover all the needs of the modern worker;
a logistics of 16,500 square meters with 17,500 pallets of goods, with over 5 million pieces available, 5000 active customers in Italy and 900 abroad.
To make successfully the story of Sei due sei, more than the capitals and business planes, are important values such as friendship, commitment trust and responsibility. Having privileged the human aspect in relations with suppliers and retailers is what has yielded results higher than expected, also from an economic point of view.
However, as our slogan “WeAr the Future” says, these first twenty years are only the initial stage of a story yet to be written.