Made in Italy

Made in Italy items enable great flexibility in production because they are entirely produced in Italy .

In fact it is possible (for a minimum quantity of 200 pieces) to order a model in a colour that is not available in the catalogue: for example the item Pescara is not available from the catalogue in red, but if the customer wants 200 pieces, we can produce them in about 10 days in the colour required.

The range of available colours in 100% cotton 280 gr is as follows:

navy, melange, royal, black, red, white, green, orange, bordeaux, sky, royal, yellow, violet, grey.


The range of available colours in the vintage fabric 80% cotton 20% polyester 320 gr is as follows :

navy, green, red

the range of available colours in the fabric 80% cotton 20% polyester 280 gr is as follows:

navy, melange

The same applies to the combining of the colours of Wembley and Maracanà fleeces that can be changed using combinations of the colours indicated above.

Furthermore, it is also possible to produce special models to meet the requirements of customers with a minimum of 500 pieces, for example a two-colour fleece with a hood or for women… again using the colours specified above.

For the same quantity the Italian flag ( available on same models) can be replaced by flags of different countries. For example the model Verona can be produced with the German or the French flag, as well as that of any other European country.