Gathering of orders and despatch
Unless indicated otherwise by the customer (order by order or by prior agreement), all orders received during the day (by 5:00pm), will be gathered  before being fulfilled (obviously they must be going to the same destination using the same carrier).
This means that if the same customer sends, for example, 3 orders (with the same delivery address and using the same carrier), the goods will be received in a single delivery, but each order will be in a separate carton bearing the order number on the outside.
This is necessary in order not to mix the orders in the cartons and hence to speed up the goods-in checking by the consignee, enabling him to check quickly that the packages match the orders (especially when the consignee is an embroiderer or printer other than the customer that placed the order).
So if, for example, we receive 3 orders each of one package, the customer will receive a single consignment with one delivery note (making a saving on transport costs compared with 3 separate consignments), but 3 separate packages (one per order), and therefore if an order is for only 2 polo shirts, he will receive one carton with just the 2 polo shirts.
This procedure is mandatory, so we recommend that where possible you gather your orders into a single order before submitting them, indicating under each item the reference to your client (you can do this in the shopping trolley), in this way receiving fewer packages and spending less on transport.